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Andre Wilson says goodbye


I and the family moved back to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania (actually Delmont PA) less than two weeks ago.  I was transferred by Alcoa back where I started 5 years ago.  I meant to come by and see the club one more time, but everything got crazy at the end with selling my home in Bettendorf and moving.  So I regret that I did not get a chance to say goodbye to you and the fellas (Roger, Luis, Joe, John, Roman, Don and Mark) and play a skittles game or two. 

I had a great time in Iowa and the Quad Cities and I enjoyed playing in the club.  You guys were very polite, encouraging, and helpful after you pummeled me over the board.  Amazingly, my last game was a win.  My seven year old daughter, Jocelyn, enjoyed coming to the club as well.  You guys are true students of the game.  Keep up the good work.

I will check in on the website every now and then, and I hope to see the club growing.  As for myself, I plan to dip my toe into the game again and look into the various chess clubs in my area (Murrysville and Monroeville).  I'll let you know what I find.


Andre L. Wilson
120 Apple Hill Drive
Delmont PA 15626



El Niño blows away the field - Peralta wins second tourney in 4-0 rout - becomes club's newest Class A player

Luis Peralta took command in September. In his first tourney since June, he made it look easy by walking, not running, to an easy 4-0 rout, winning by a clear 1.5 point margin.

It was his 2nd monthly and moves him to within 0.5 points of 5th place John Beydler in the club standings.

El Niño and Skywalker have together won 6 out of the 8 post-championship tourneys of 2006.

And if that wasn't enough, Luis broke through the Class A barrier and achieved his highest rating ever.

Congrats, Luis!

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Bonzon steals upset prize from Kromphardt in final round - brutalizes young Skywalker in 13 moves

The force was definitely NOT with our young Jedi Knight last Tuesday. In an uncharacteristic act of unprovoked violence, mild-mannered and unassuming philosophy professor Roman Bonzon brutalized the poor Seeley in only 13 moves.

Seeley's undoing was a classic double attack with Bonzon's black Queen checking the exposed white King along the open diagonal at h4 and picking up Skywalker's loose bishop on e4.

Facing the distasteful task of trying to overcome a full piece deficit from so early in the game, the demoralized Seeley opted to surrender his lightsabre to the triumphant Bonzon instead.

It had been almost a foregone conclusion that Kromphardt would take the upset prize this month with his defeat of John Beydler in Round 3. But Bonzo outdid him in the last round and earns the free entry into the October tourney.

Nice going, Roman.

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Club elections coming up - vote for your favorite club elders on October 24th

It's past the time of year for electing the club elders. Last year we did it in August, but we're a little late this year.

We will have a club meeting at 6:30 sharp prior to the final round of the October tourney on October 24th. Please try to make it.

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Peralta on top with one round to go - in position to win second monthly

Luis Peralta has reappeared on the scene. Going into Round 4, he is in prime position to capture his 2nd monthly tourney. If he makes it, he would be the first non-Seeley tourney winner we've had since May. Seeley won the June, July, and August tourneys.

However, he has one large obstacle in his way. Roger Kromhardt will be coming off his stunning upset of John Beydler in Round 3 to challenge Peralta's lead. Will his momentum from the Beydler match be enough to carry him to his first monthly tourney victory?

Tune in next week.

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Seeley's streak ends - Young Jedi Knight taken down by "El Niño" in Round 2

Tom Seeley's phenomonal record-breaking 14 game undefeated streak came to an end in Round 2 when he finally lost a game to Luis Peralta. Tom's incredible streak was his second of the year. In fact, his streaks were back-to-back, with only one loss separating them.

That means that since his first streak began way back in April 2006, he has put together a 16-1-6 record, with a win percentage of .696.

That's incredible performance, truly worthy of a fine young Jedi Knight.

Good job, Luke.

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Kromphardt strikes again - Beydler repeats as a hapless Kromphardt victim

Not since the double homicide of June 2006, when Kromphardt defeated both John Beydler and Joe Mital in back-to-back upsets, has there been another electrifying Kromphardt upset.

But this week Kromphardt did it again to Beydler, and puts himself in postion to win yet another upset prize.

But more importantly, his victory also makes him the only serious challenger to the undefeated Luis Peralta. With Peralta at 3 and Kromphardt at 2.5, Roger is in position to win his first monthly tourney of the year if he can repeat his double homicide trick by taking the full point from Peralta.

But the bad news for Roger is that if he insists on continuing this level of play, it will not be long before these victories will no longer be considered upsets.

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Seeley (ho-hum) wins again - takes third straight monthly - is this upstart unstoppable?

Tom Seeley won his 3rd consecutive monthly tourney in August with a 3.5 score and a clear top finish.

Seeley overtakes Bruemmer's record - extends streak 2 games beyond Bruemmer's - now 13 games and still counting

Tom Seeley extended his latest undefeated streak to 13 games in the August tourney with 3 more wins and 1 draw. With that he exceeded the club's previous record held by Don Bruemmer, who managed to put together 11 straight games without a loss between January and April of this year.

But it's not over yet, and it won't be until someone can bring him down. This is beginning to be reminiscent of the Imgrund days.

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US Open, World Series of Poker conclude in August - big winners take home $6,000 and $12,000,000 respectively - events attract 540 and 8.700 players respectively

Read it and weep.

US Open


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Seeley wins 3rd monthly - takes over lead in club standings - runs streak to 9 undefeated games

Tom Seeley achieved milestone after milestone in the July tourney just completed. Need some examples?

  • won third monthly tourney of year
  • seized 1st place in Club standings
  • extended current undefeated streak to 9 games
  • pushed his rating into Class A, his highest rating ever achieved

With these achievements there is no doubt that young Skywalker has made himself the No. 1 guy to beat for the coming 2006 Club Championship.

It has been reported that some contenders for the title have contacted Tom's parents to try to convince them to move up their scheduled move to the Baltimore area. But until that happens, this is the man to beat.

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Andre wins upset prize - defeats Kloppy in Round 1 - obtains 1st non-provisional rating

Like Tom Seeley, Andre Wilson hit a couple of milestones in July also. He won the upset prize in a win over Kloppy in Round 1. As a result of that, his rating has increased about 100 points. And he has now played 25 rated games, so he no longer has a provisional rating.

Andre also occupies a unique position in the club. If he wins ANY game in a monthly tourney, he will win the upset prize!!

So Andre, if you can win just one single game every month, you can play the rest of the year for free!!!

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New ratings in error - correction submitted and accepted, but will not be reflected on USCF website for about a week

An error in the crosstable when the July tourney was submitted has resulted in erroneous ratings published on the USCF website. The error has been corrected, so the crosstable you see now on the USCF website is correct. However, the ratings will not be corrected for approximately a week.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Bonzon holds Seeley to draw - remains tied for tourney lead - once again, it's anyone's tourney - Beydler and Bruemmer both poised to overtake leaders in final round

Roman Bonzon, fresh from a hiatus from tournament chess, managed to draw the hot Tom Seeley in Round 3. The two shared the tourney lead going into Round 3 and they still share it coming out of Round 3.

But lurking in the weeds just behind them are John Beydler and Don Bruemmer, only 1/2 point off the pace. And with each of them paired next week against the two leaders, something's gotta give.

If either of them can score a victory against the leader that they're paired against, they will share the tourney honors.

Drop in next week for the exciting finish

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Wilson cries out for help - despondent member asks "where are the under-1400s?"

Andre Wilson, encouraged during his absence by seeing other under-1400 players in the tournaments, returned this month to tournament play.

But he found no companionship, because for the first time in several tourneys, there were no other under-1400s who showed up.

"I need to play someone I at least have a snowball's chance in hell to beat!" he lamented in the lobby after a loss to tourney contender Don Bruemmer.

Even the reliable and ever-present Greg Ganoe didn't show up this month.

But it wasn't all bad for Andre. Kloppy showed up in Round 1 for a lone game. In his debut performance, Andre managed to defeat him, which makes him a sure thing for winning this month's upset prize.

So at least you've got a freebie coming, Andre!

And we'll have to work on Greg, Kloppy, Tom Merrill, and PJ to return to the board in August and give the lonely Andre some company.

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Seeley has another streak going - 8 games without a defeat matches his previous streak - still long way to go to surpass Bruemmer

Tom Seeley has another 8-game series of no defeats and is trying to nurse it up to Bruemmer's gold standard of no less than 11 straight games undefeated.

His current won-lost record in this streak is 5-0-3. And still counting.

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Man on a Mission challenges young Skywalker in Round 3 - Determined Bonzon takes on Seeley for July lead

Like the Blues Brothers, Roman Bonzon is on a Mission from God. Returning to the civilized world after a months-long retreat in the desert contemplating "the 64 sacred squares", the reclusive ex-hermit has made a strong start in his debut performance.

Winning his first two rounds, he shares the tourney lead only with the Tom Seeley. But the showdown is in Round 3 next week, when the two will meet head-on for the lead going into the final round.

Will Seeley survive his latest challenger?

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Good news and bad news: Flowers returning - shift change brings him back

The good news is that Mark Flowers has had another shift change that will bring him back to the board on Tuesday nights.

The bad news is that this will make it even more difficult for the rest of us to win a monthly tourney.

But nevertheless, we're glad to hear he will be returning, possibly for the August tourney.

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Young Skywalker tries for third tourney! - uses the force to win 1st round game

Tom Seeley, leading the pack at two monthly tourneys won, made a strong move for No. 3 by defeating John Beydler in Round 1.

After the game, Beydler appealed to Tournament Director Roman Bonzon on the grounds that it was against the rules to use the force to win a game.

"Use of the force," Beydler claimed, "is only allowed for doing good, not evil. And with many years as a dark-sider under my belt, I know evil when I see it. This was evil."

The members thought his appeal had much merit, but to the surprise of everyone, Bonzon summarily dismissed the appeal without further discussion.

Many thought that the young Jedi had used his mind control skills to get the favorable ruling from Bonzon. But when confronted by angry club members after the ruling, Seeley satisfied everyone's objections by pointing out that with Roman as TD, he didn't need any mind control skills.

"To use my mind control skills on Bonzon," the young warrior said, "would be like using a blowtorch to light a cigarette."

So Seeley is on his way. Stay tuned to track the Jedi's progress throughout the month.

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Bonzo is back!! - claims he now has control of all 64 squares

Roman Bonzon has returned as TD this month after a long absence. During the time, rumors abounded that he was studying some secret new method in a desperate attempt to improve his game.

His labors appear to have paid off, seeing as how he defeated the red-hot Roger Kromphardt in Round 1. Concerned club members will be keeping a close watch on Bonzon's performance this month.

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Andre returns! - wins 1st round game after long absence

The second part of Homecoming Week at the club was catching Andre Wilson defeating Kloppy in Round 1.

Club members were encouraged to see that Andre has his priorities straight, putting chess with the buddies above trivial family responsibilities.

"It was a tough decision," Wilson said, "but when Genevieve Michelle spit up on my chessboard on two consecutive Tuesday nights, I took it as a clear sign from God that it was OK to play. Things like that are not mere coincidences."

In any event, it seems the long pause might be just what Andre was looking for to boost his game.

Only time will tell.

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