Imgrund - Flowers

1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nd2 Be7 We had played this opening in our last game where I completely botched the game and eked out a win only because of an oversight. This time wasn't going to be as easy.

4.c3 c5 5.Bb5+ Bd7 6.Bxd7+ Qxd7 7.Ne2 Nc6 8.dxc5 Bxc5 9.Nb3 Bb6 10.exd5 Rd8 11.c4
I didn't really expect to win a pawn here only if he makes an error in judgement

And there it is. This consolidates my game immensely. Now I jump on the initiative.

12.c5 Bc7 13.d6 Bb8 14.Qd4 f6 15.0-0 Qc6 16.Qc3 b6 17.Nbd4 Qd7 18.Nf4 Kf7 19.b4 Rc8 20.Qb3
Pin it and win it. Connected passed pawns, Pin on the e pawn, black's knight, rook and bishop sorely out of play. It's not pretty.

20...Re8 21.Nfxe6 Rxe6 22.f4 Nc6 23.Nxc6 1-0