Bonzon,Roman - Imgrund,John

1.d4 c5 Trying to go into an opening he does not know which is very tactical and get him out of book. The quicker I can do that the quicker my more experience will lead to an advantage.

He confounds me by taking the simple way out.

2...cxd4 3.Nxd4 d5 4.e3 Nf6
Maybe e5 was better here

5.c4 e6
or here

6.Nc3 a6 7.Bd3 e5
Finally I open the position up to something a little more tactical. Now if I can just catch up in development.

8.Nde2 dxc4 9.Bxc4 Qxd1+ 10.Kxd1 b5
One tempo

11.Bd3 Bb7
And another

12.f3 Nc6 13.a3 Rd8
And another

14.Kc2 b4
I tthought long and hard about this continuation. It was either attack with some of my pieces or develop. The only piece that cannot immediately attack is my king's rook while both his rooks and bishop are tied up.

15.Ne4 b3+ 16.Kc3 Nd5+ 17.Kd2
Pins his king, locks his bishop in which never moves for the rest of the game.

f5 was a little better but I calculated, wrongly, that he could not protect his bishop. On one hour of sleep I did not see the future Nf2

18.axb4 Nxb4 19.Nf2
Now I am pissed at myself for not seeing the obvious but, duh I can still win the bishop, Iplayed the next moves too quickly to get over my embarassment of my earlier miscalculation which really wasn't a miscalculation, though neither of us know it

19...Nxd3 20.Nxd3 e4
I played this move fast and inside my head I screamed, at myself - What an idiot! The correct order was to check with the bishop forcing Nc3 and Then push the e pawn. Now if he plays Nd4 I am complete toast positionally.

He had even written down Nd4 but changed his mind. Big Whew!

21...Bb4+ 22.Nc3 Bxe4 23.Ra4
Good move. If I don't play it exactly He will get an advantage.

23...Bxc3+ 24.Kxc3
bxB better?!?

24...Rxd3+ 25.Kb4 0-0
Played this pretty quickly. I want fully developed to take advantage of his weak Bishop his forward king but I sacrificed the pawn to do so.

26.Rxa6 Rb8+
Trying to get his king completely out of the way so I can attack his weaknesses with my rooks

27.Kc5 Rc8+
His biggest weakness is his bishop if I can keep that out of play I will win the game so I wanted the c-file to start coordinating an attck on the bishop

28.Kb4 Bxg2 29.Rg1 Bf3 30.Ra1
?? Now that all his pieces are on the back rank and his king is exposed I should have something. But with not enough time to go into a complicated endgame and lack of sleep I struggle to find the computer's continuation of 30...Rb8+ 31.Kc4 Rd7 32.Ra4 Rc8+ 33.Kb4 Bd1 34.Ka3 Kf8 35.Rg5 Rxc1 and snagging that weak bishop

30...g6 31.Rf1 Bd1
Again missing bishop with 31...Rd7 32.Ra5 Be2 33.Rg1 Bd1 34.Rc5 Rxc5 35.Kxc5 Rc7+ 36.Kd6 Rxc1

32.Rf2 Rd7 33.Kb5 Bc2 34.Rd2 Rb7+ 35.Ka6 Re7
Missed mating with 35...Be4

36.Kb6 Be4 37.Rd6 Rb7+ 38.Ka6
He took his hand off the piece though he meant Ka5. But 38...Bd3 Wins at least a rook 39.Ra6 Rc5+ 40.Ka4 Bxa6

Mate 0-1 0-1